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NRN Switzerland is the Swiss National Coordination Council (NCC) of Non- Resident Nepali Association (NRNA). It is committed to address NRN issues within Nepalese Diaspora in Switzerland, and it aims to be a platform for the Nepalese and friends of Nepal in dealing with Nepal related issues. It will nurture excellent relationships with NRNA International Coordination Council (ICC), other NRNA National Coordination Councils, and other organizations and institutions in Switzerland and abroad.

The ad-hoc committee of NCC Switzerland was established in March 2008. The membership distribution was started only during the first Annual General Meeting (AGM) in August 2009. With the aim to activate the organization a unique Working Group System was introduced with the mandate of AGM 2009.

The NCC Switzerland was registered in the city of User, Kanton Zurich, Switzerland in 2009. Since its registration NCC Switzerland declares its tax within the Swiss legal regulation annually.